Some happy campers on graduation day. photography by Lawrence Bryant

Camp Classic Youth Program

Camp Classic is a new summer program designed to enhance cognitive development. One of our goals is to work with teachers, parents, educational administrators, to help reduce the reading and math deficits in the city.

Summer Camp should be the center of a child’s life. They should have a great deal of fun, develop new skills, increase knowledge already attained, and participate in positive interactions. Teacher and counselor-student interactions promote students’ viewing themselves as active learners and valuable contributors. Teachers and students actively encourage academic risk-taking efforts and non-interference with one another’s learning; ‘put-downs’ are not allowed.

All activities are developed according to the weekly themes. The lead teachers and camp counselor explores students’ entering knowledge and skills and makes connections with student’s prior experience. Lead teachers and counselors will use this information in the cycle of planning; they use this exploratory information to adjust upcoming instructions and activities.

Universoul Circus comes to Camp Classic

Through these programs we can cultivate positive feelings about summer camp, school and help create positive activities in the community.

St. Louis American Ad Campaign Photography by Lawence Bryant